Instruction For Use Inserts


Direction/Instruction For Use Inserts

We have unlimited options for your print production of: DFU, IFU, Insert requirement, Booklets, Sheeted, Layered, and Folded to a multitude of configurations. Paper options from standard to ultra-light and printed 1 to 12 colors…..whatever the need – we meet it! If compromise of packaging space is a concern we can design around various shapes such as: cylindrical, box, etc with alternate materials and fold options.

The ever changing regulated health care system is progressing with stricter criteria at what disclaiming and operative ‘direction for use inserts’ need to cover comprehensively. Instruction Insert print production is always managed with this understanding and fully enveloped in our Quality Management System. More importantly, our design and print production team is vested with years of high quality, strict adherence to specifications, while meeting the need and demand of our clients globally.

Current FDA mandates and proposals allow for some inserts to be eliminated in favor of electronic versions, such as CD’s. Medical devise informational (DFU) CD production is not new, but becoming a desired choice by many products for DFU utilizing video. We can assist in master creation as well as regulated cd duplication.

Premiere Resource, a certified ISO9001:2008 company, has served the medical device industry for over 20 years. We have helped companies produce high-quality DFU/IFU for every conceivable application. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with selecting the best options for your individual needs.