Pressure Sensitive Labels


Pressure Sensitive Labels

Multi-fold, various material options, and multiple adhesive coatings for pressure sensitive labels can create that perfect brand 'pop' or identification Via this compact marketing or promotional tool, where a little bit goes a long way.

Most people are familiar with 'stickers', but those in search of a quality label supplier are looking to drive value into their product. They need to 'speak' something to the end user. This communication is critical whether you are delivering a message of instruction, warning, or brand identity.

There are unlimited uses for pressure sensitive labels

One of the best uses for these types of labels are instant coupon or promotional sales offerings that engage the buyer over other products and brands. The convenience of these types of labels is the sheer versatility of size, shape and compliant surfaces to which the label can adhere. Anything from boxes, to plastic or glass surfaces flat or round will receive these pressure sensitive labels.

Premiere Resource capabilities are cutting edge.

If we haven’t done it before... it probably hasn’t been done!

Our Research and Development resources are robust and open to your imagination.

Just a few of our capabilities

  • 1 to 12-Color Print / Varnish options
  • Lamination, Coatings, Varnishes (water-based or UV)
  • All Paper, Tag, and Synthetic Face Materials Available
  • Adhesives for any application
  • Multi Side Printing
  • Special Features – Foil, Emboss, Serialized

For more information on creating your next eye catching or functional label system, contact our team at Premiere Resource for a quality driven solution.