Premiere Resource is a registered ISO-9001:2008 print supplier as well as a Qmed Qualified Supplier. Our customers rely on our expertise to deliver quality driven, on-time, print products without exception.

“Being a Qmed Qualified Supplier allows Premiere Resource to not only provide print critical materials to an ever changing and regulated medical industry, it allows us to work side by side with our clients to solve delivery, packaging, inventory, as well as scalable production issues easily and efficiently.”

Our experience allows us to dynamically react to regulatory issues in a moments notice whether we are working with critical based medical device components or traditional print product. Quality architecture eliminates static interference and speeds the communication process of the quality language – while our Quality Management System (QMS) is about quality, it is truly a bridge at avoiding delay and overspending.

Premiere Resource core focus is quality by design – from start to finish - not just quality in the finished print product, but quality in customer service, delivery, and follow-through. These are most often over-looked or ‘sacrificed’ under a QMS that answers to regulatory concerns, but certainly make the difference between success and failure of launch windows and exceeding overall expectations.