Virtual Managed Inventory


Vendor Managed Inventory

Once upon a time... Service, Quality, and Price ran a consistent one, two, three - not exactly in that order!

In this environment... we hear much about Cost Savings directives from Buyer/Planners, Mgmt, and Procurement Specialists in all sectors.

Cost Saving requests have eclipsed the Service, Quality, and Price mantra and it has become Cost Savings, Cost Savings, and Cost Savings... and, oh yeah, make sure it’s right when it gets here!

As a Buyer/Planner and in Procurement in general, receiving the Cost Savings Directive from management is nothing new... however, how to achieve it for the ‘whole’ of the organization is much bigger than driving down the unit cost on one item.

Many buyers are still trying to drive down the Unit Cost on a single or a few items by calling multiple suppliers... grinding cost by the statement, ‘lowest cost wins’... an old story that doesn’t fit in a realm of overall company cost savings. Antiquated buying plans don’t work either. You can save a few cents on a part or two but the rest of the group has been unchanged and unaffected.

There is no ‘one set plan’ for any group. We offer different levels of management and control based on your desired involvement in your own processes... in other words we can install ourselves at any point in the mix and fit comfortably and effectively.

Our Team of hard working, well trained, and experienced associates will dissect, analyze, and bring to fruition a cost savings directive that may at one time have seemed absurd, driven from management with unrealistic key performance indicators.

In order to get into the proper mode of TRUE Cost Savings the WAY of buying is the PATH to Cost Savings.

Time spent to grind down a unit price = resources expended on RFQ’s & RFP’s... up goes the comprehensive unit cost you just tried to drive down. Buyers are concerned with their commodity – their buy – their unit – and their bottom-line... As well they should be. Most buyers are so overwhelmed with their job tasks that they can not spend the time looking at the big picture for overall company cost reduction. As companies have reduced their labor overhead and employees are now doing the work of 2 and 3 people – resource appropriation becomes even more important….a survival skill if you will.

A key partner in your Supply Line Management

A well run – well managed SMIP will save soft dollars and hard dollars... LONG TERM... by attacking the “key” components of Procurement Control. It is a mindset change that will make the difference of return on your investment, increasing and maximizing the value of your workforce, keeping you consistently competitive in your market, and stabilizing your PPV (purchase price variance).

This is where Premiere Resource comes into play! Our expertise in Inventory Control & Manufacturing of risk based components for the Medical Device / Healthcare Industry will become a huge RESOURCE for your team. Our understanding of the critical nature of product identification (Labels, IFU/DFU, etc) positions us as a key partner in your Supply Line Management.

We will play a solid role in the Strategic Sourcing initiatives of any cost minded and smart buying company. Many small companies or organizations that have only a few parts to put in the mix will fall back on old style buying methods….with our ideals and experience it doesn’t have to be this way. We can be effective for any size company via our Supplier Managed Inventory Programs.

A sampling of our products available for VMI and Consignment Inventory
  • Instructions For Use / Directions For Use
  • Fold Out Labels
  • Booklet Labels
  • Expanded Content Labels
  • Multi-Fold Inserts
  • Two Ply Label
  • Multi-level Piggyback labels
  • Inserts & Outserts
  • Tamper Proof Labels
  • Carton Printing

Taking our clients needs and problems and turning them into solutions is where Premiere Resource has a true advantage.  Because we are a scalable printer as well as managed print inventory specialists, we are far more agile in reacting to change, regulatory-requirements & order to inventory fulfillment.