Why Us


Premiere Resource - Why Us?

A rational question in light of the multitude of print providers and managed inventory companies currently taking up space in our industry……

However, taking up space is exactly what is being done. Less qualified, less passionate, and much less service driven companies are filling a void that has been left by good companies that have either sold out to larger outsource-minded offshore production ‘big boys’ or have been unable to find and maintain qualified personnel to service the needs of clients.

We Say What We Do and Do What We Say... we mean this!

We look out for and work with the client on many different levels to find the BEST solutions. Not solutions that ‘fit best into a contrived plan’ or ‘hit the sweet spot of our profit margins’, but solutions that meet the client need.

Solutions that reduce pain and suffering are HUGE and calculably invaluable and serve everyone’s best interest. Our goal is to be a partner for life – not an order processor.

For years we have seen the Cost of Poor Quality affect every aspect of life and for the sake of this writing – affect manufacturing quality – that affects each and every one of us. Global outsourcing with little or no ‘regulation that is real’ has given cause to the FDA to reevaluate the audit structure of companies that manage their offshore suppliers…as well they should.

We have often said we are not the ‘lowest price’ - this is not said to drive business away or imply that we are not cost conscious – on the contrary, it is stated so that one may understand the high value we place on QUALITY and the affect it has on the industry we serve.

Cost Savings is achieved in many different ways – not all come in form of unit price reduction, but most certainly can be shown overall when a company’s needs are managed properly

So, I guess a shorter answer to 'Why Premiere' would be because we are REAL and PASSIONATE about what we do and we do WHATEVER it takes to understand your situation and bring a solution that works for you!!